Kawamura Hamono Co. Ltd.

In Japan, forged blades have had a special significance since ancient times. Swords were considered the spirit of a warrior and were treated as offerings or as divine objects that could repel wickedness. The sharpened edges held by all forged steel were regarded as sacred and many craftsmen are engaged in their production even today.
Within Japan, Sakai is a place of particular importance. Smithing began here in the 5th century, and during the Edo period, blades recognized by the shogunate were given the mark of sakaikiwame, or “official Sakai craftsmanship.” In 1982, Sakai forged blades were certified by Japan as a traditional craft for their high quality and advanced techniques, traits for which they are nationally recognized. A division of labor cultivated by the diligent work and study of craftsmen over 1,600 years of history has continually refined the specialized techniques used for each individual process. This accumulation of expertise has allowed the creation of brilliant objects unattainable anywhere else.

As part of this history of diligent work and study, Kawamura Hamono was founded in the center of the old city of Sakai. Since then, our company has tirelessly produced knives that satisfy the eyes of the most critical experts for nearly 100 years. Because we are a small company, we are proud that we can continue to respond to precise requests with the highest level of quality. Since the time of Kawamura Sutezō, the founder of our company, the mark of “Sakai Kikimori” has been proof of an unwavering reliability and sincerity. Food cut with a sharp knife tastes better, and a good knife is easy to sharpen and lasts longer. Above all, we promise to always offer exceptional knives that are a genuine pleasure to use.

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Kawamura Hamono Co. Ltd.
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Since 1926