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  • The Sakai Kikumori CHOYO and KIKUZUKI

    Sakai knives are characterized by a process of forge laminating a hard cutting layer to a softer, tougher cladding for strength. By joining two metals with different properties the potential of the cutting layer can be brought to life. YASUGI SPECIALTY STEEL, a type of steel boasting exceptional levels of purity, is used by our craftsmen to make knives one by one through strict temperature management. Among other techniques, the steel is quenched in water immediately from temperatures of around 800 degrees Celsius to obtain sharpness and then tempered for toughness.
    Among these superb blades, the highest peak of quality offered by Sakai Kikumori is found in our CHOYO and KIKUZUKI knives.

    CHOYO combines superlative ease of use and beauty, a jewel of Sakai forged blades that embodies the highest realization of the Japanese knife. The best materials, the most skilled craftsmen, and the most exacting processes are employed in tandem to produce these exceptional objects, in which the essential functionality and beauty of the forged blade are raised to their utmost peak.
    KIKUZUKI also represents the best materials, the finest techniques, and most skilled craftsmen. These blades are finished using various methods to suit the tastes of our customers. These are singular objects, within which one can feel the beauty and charm of the Japanese knife.

    Both types are costly, reflecting the uncompromising quality of their production. We at Sakai Kikumori guarantee the highest quality blades that are a unique pleasure to use.
    In Japan, the chrysanthemum is considered to be a symbol of long life, and its elegant form and noble fragrance are well-beloved. The name of our brand, “Sakai Kikumori,” refers to the fact that we consider ourselves to be the protectors of the chrysanthemum. In the traditional Japanese calendar, September was called the chrysanthemum month, or “Kikuzuki," as the chrysanthemum blooms in profusion during September. Within this month, long life is prayed for on September 9th, a very auspicious day marked by spiritual positivity. This day is called “Choyo,” or the Chrysanthemum Festival, one of the five festivals traditionally held at the Japanese court.
    Due to these ancient origins, we have selected CHOYO and KIKUZUKI as brand names to represent Sakai Kikumori.

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