The trusted craftsmen at Sakai Kikumori have combined superlative ease of use and beauty in these knives. They are the jewels of Sakai forged blades and embody the highest realization of the Japanese knife.
CHOYO knives feature a gleaming mirror finish that is not only beautiful, but also rust resistant. A very pure steel is used for the cutting edge of the knife. Our CHOYO knives are made using Yasugi Specialty Steel, a high-grade cutlery steel that has inherited the traditions of Japanese steel and is perfectly suited for making knives. Three types of Yasugi Specialty Steel, YSS White #2, YSS Blue #1, and YSS Silver #3, are used to fashion CHOYO knives.

YSS White #2YSS Blue #1YSS Silver #3
  1. CHOYO Yanagi Detail
  2. CHOYO Kiritsuke Yanagi Detail
  3. CHOYO Sakimaru Takohiki Detail
  4. CHOYO Gyuto Detail
  5. CHOYO Kiritsuke Gyuto Detail
  6. CHOYO Santoku Detail
  7. CHOYO Kiritsuke Santoku Detail
  8. CHOYO Petty Detail
  9. CHOYO Kiritsuke Petty Detail