Sakai Kikumori offers these knives as uncompromising works of the highest quality. Our foremost craftsmen have diligently fashioned these knives from forging to sharpening, and we have pursued an ease of use that allows one to appreciate the fascinating appeal of our knives.
The subdued luster on the body of KIKUZUKI Kasumi knives is the result of a hairline polishing process, while a matte polish clearly marks their cutting edge. Made of YSS White #2. Combining hardness and durability, this steel provides an exceptionally sharp edge.

YSS White #2
  1. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Yanagi Detail
  2. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Kiritsuke Yanagi Detail
  3. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Sakimaru Takohiki Detail
  4. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Gyuto Detail
  5. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Kiritsuke Gyuto Detail
  6. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Santoku Detail
  7. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Kiritsuke Santoku Detail
  8. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Petty Detail
  9. KIKUZUKI Kasumi Kiritsuke Petty Detail